Chiodo 7 - Dining table


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A round table with clean lines. The lightness of the thin line of the top contrasts with the robust structure of the core. The smooth and solid surface will make any decoration on the table stand out. Available in two different finishes. (For shipments overseas, contact me personally)


Color: Black (RAL 9005)

The Chiodo series is a broad collection which comes from the idea of a "chiodofisso" (literally, a fixed nail; figuratively an obsession): all items have the same 'chiodo' (nail) shape but are different in sizes and function.

Its round shape is ideal for looking at your fellow diners and encouraging conversation. Six people can dine comfortably and, when necessary, up to eight can be seated.

Chiodo 7 is a simple, clean-style table with a very thin top that confers a sense of lightness to the object, despite being truly robust and rigid. The smooth surface of the table makes it easy to clean. Suitable for those who love tidy spaces, for those who love playing with the contrasts of shapes and lovers of design.

By choosing the outdoor option, Chiodo 7 becomes an outdoor table, perfect for both gardens and terraces, as well as for kitchens and lounge rooms.

Chiodo 7 is made in iron and handwelded, available in indoor or outdoor versions.

The indoor version is spray painted, whilst the outdoor version is galvanised and painted with powder coating.

Indoor version. The spray painting is comprised of acrylic enamel with two components of high opacity. It is applied by hand and dried at low temperatures. The paint type is that of bodywork, with unique aesthetic and tactile features.
From an aesthetic point of view, the paint has deep opacity and almost completely absorbs the light accentuating the perfection of the shapes. To the touch, it is extremely smooth and gives an almost textile feel. It almost seems like you are touching a fabric beneath your fingers.
Care instructions: clean with gentle products.

Outdoor version. The galvanising process utilised creates a thin layer of zinc that protects the metal from oxidation. Finally, it is covered with a powder coating.
Powder coating is a covering based on synthetic resins placed in an oven at high temperatures. The polymerised paint creates an adherent and durable layer. The paintwork is scratch-resistant to high mechanical stress (recurrent rubbing). It is resistant to weathering and UV rays.
Care instructions: clean with gentle products for glass.

Handmade in Italy

We manufacture each item. To give you the best we need time. Your piece will be shipped within 5 business weeks.

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Policy of return

If at the time of delivery you are not satisfied of the purchase, you can send the item back in its original packaging, paying the shipping costs for the return (see terms and conditions).


All objects can be developed to measure, both in terms of size and finish and colour.

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