Marco Ripa is a craftsman and designer. He creates unique furnishing items in iron and steel.

Marco was born in 1977. At the age of 15 he went to a workshop to work iron and aluminium. He graduated as a Mechanical Expert at ITIS Montani in Fermo and started working full-time in the workshop. He will choose iron as his main metal because it is less repetitive, noisier and damned dirty.

In his readings he discovers Calder, metal takes shape, color and balance. He discovers Ruskin and the Arts and Crafts Movement: man is unique and unrepeatable exactly like the object he builds himself. At the age of 33 he gives life to his own laboratory for working iron and steel. Marco Ripa likes steel, soccer, jazz. Marco Ripa loves iron, rugby, rock.

"Ornament has two sources of pleasure, the abstract beauty of its forms, and the sense of human labor and of the attention that has gone into making it."

John Ruskin,
art historian and critic.