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ZZ Tops are snack stools, forged from a single iron plate.

They have an essential and no-frills line. They seem like a Z by profile.

Perfect for decorating industrial, minimalistic and modern spaces
Color: Black (RAL 9005)

ZZ Tops are stools with a minimalistic design.

In profile, their silhouette draws a perfect "Z".

They have a thin iron plate to support feet and make the seat more comfortable.

Above the seat there is a thin sheet of iron; under there’s hole. These elements are useful handle to lift and move the stool.
The ZZ Top are perfect stools for industrial furnishing, modern kitchens, minimalistic spaces where materials and bare shapes of objects are the most important.

 A curiosity about the name

The name of the stools, ZZ Top, is a tribute to the homonym rock band. A trio that stands out for the two singers, identical and conspicuously hard and tough! The ZZ Top stools are portrayed mainly in pairs: they enhance each other.

 Sold in pairs or individually.

The indicated price is for one stool only.

ZZ Top is a handmade product. It is made from a single laser-cut steel plate, folded and welded. Powder-coated iron, hand-crafted. Available in white or black version.

Paintwork: the powder coating based on synthetic resins placed in the oven at high temperatures. The polymerised paint creates an adherent and durable layer. The paintwork is scratch-resistant to high mechanical stress (recurrent rubbing). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor products, it is resistant to weathering and UV rays.

Care instructions: clean with gentle products for glass.


Handmade in Italy

We manufacture each item. To give you the best we need time. Your piece will be shipped within 5 business weeks.

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Policy of return

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All objects can be developed to measure, both in terms of size and finish and colour.

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