La supermodulare four column composition

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La Supermodulare is a bookcase that is composed to your liking. This composition is comprised of four column modules, eight small shelves and six large shelves.
The columns are available in two versions: varnished white or black. The shelves, which attach via magnets, are available in four different materials. (For shipments overseas, contact me personally.)

Color: Black (RAL 9005)

La Supermodulare is a modular bookcase. You can also add modules successively and implement the original structure to adapt to new needs. The shelves are hooked onto to the column via magnets. We recommend attaching to the wall.

The structure, light and flowing, is well-suited to broad walls, enriching and adorning them without weighing them down. The bookcase is even perfect for ever-evolving homes: it can be destructured and used to furnish small spaces or recomposed in a single solution for larger spaces without losing its original function and beauty.

The bookcase can be rendered more personal, warmer or precious in accordance with the type of shelves you choose. 

The composition in question, as show in the photograph, consists of four columns, eight small shelves and six large shelves. 

The column is powder-coated and available in white or black versions.

The shelves are available in:
. white painted iron
. natural sheet metal
. chestnut wood 
. Carrara marble 

The powder coating is based on synthetic resins placed in the oven at high temperatures. The polymerised paint creates an adherent and durable layer. The paintwork is scratch-resistant to high mechanical stress (recurrent rubbing). It is resistant to weathering and UV rays.
Care instructions: clean with gentle products for glass.

The natural sheeting is hot-rolled iron and comes unpainted. The metal surface retains a "raw" look, original and unique, with different shades each time. The sheeting is then waxed for protective purposes.

Beeswax protective treatment is applied.
Beeswax creates a thin and delicate layer of protection. The treatment is carried out manually by means of a cloth on the hot-rolled iron sheeting.
Care instructions: apply beeswax every 6 months. Clean with gentle products.

Handmade in Italy

We make each item by hand. To give you the best we need time. Your piece will be shipped to you within 5 business weeks.

FREE shipping in Italy
Possibility of return

If at the time of delivery you are not convinced of the purchase, you can send the item back in its original packaging, paying only the shipping costs for the return (see terms and conditions).


All objects can be developed to measure, both in terms of size and finish and colour.

For any request please contact me directly:
M +39 328 3055485

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