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Iron cube. It can serve as seating, a small bedside table or coffee table. It can be combined with other cubes, or the parallelepiped of the Fun House series. The cubes hook up to each other through magnets.

Color: Black (RAL 9005)

Fun House cube is closed on three sides and open on the other three sides. The cubes can be hooked to each other thanks to small and thin magnets. This allows you to obtain a lot of combinations, to pull apart and recombine continuously. You can create bookshelves, seats or coffee tables.

Those who are most creative can order the cubes in varying colours, alternating voids and solids, and furnish an entire wall, divide an open space, decorate a living room, a bedroom, a waiting room.

An great solution for the undecided who, right to the end, love to change the look of their furnishings.


Fun House cube is made of iron and is hand-welded. 

Powder coating is a covering based on synthetic resins placed in an oven at high temperatures. The polymerised paint creates an adherent and durable layer. The paintwork is scratch-resistant to high mechanical stress (recurrent rubbing). It is resistant to weathering and UV rays.
Care instructions: clean with gentle products for glass.

The natural sheeting is hot-rolled iron and comes unpainted. The metal surface retains a "raw" look, original and unique, with different shades each time. The sheeting is then waxed for protective purposes.

Beeswax protective treatment is applied. Beeswax creates a thin and delicate layer of protection. The treatment is carried out manually by means of a cloth on the hot-rolled iron sheeting.
Care instructions: apply beeswax every 6 months. 

Handmade in Italy

We manufacture each item. To give you the best we need time. Your piece will be shipped within 5 business weeks.

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Policy of return

If at the time of delivery you are not satisfied of the purchase, you can send the item back in its original packaging, paying the shipping costs for the return (see terms and conditions).


All objects can be developed to measure, both in terms of size and finish and colour.

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